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Echoes of Her, Martina Monroe Book 12

In Echoes of Her, the 12th installment of the Martina Monroe series, a maze of family secrets and shocking revelations unravel. 

By the time Kay was six, she had lost both her mother and sister. With only fuzzy memories of them, she had pleaded with her father since she was a little girl to tell her stories about them and to visit their graves. He claimed it was too painful to discuss, and refused - up until the day he died. 

When her father unexpectedly passes, leaving her without any family, she prepares to bury him and handle his estate. But as she sifts through his belongings, in the once forbidden attic, all she finds are dusty boxes filled with old textbooks and family photos featuring her late mother and sister, but strangely none of herself.  

Determined to find her mother and sister's graves to lay her father to rest, she hires Drakos Monroe Security & Investigations to find them.

As Martina listens to Kay’s dilemma she’s worried about the odd behavior and secrecy of Kay’s father before his death. As Vincent and she dig in, they uncover a series of alarming discrepancies, realizing that the truth is far more complex and disturbing than they ever imagined.

Echoes of Her is a page-turning thriller filled with long-hidden family secrets and jaw-dropping revelations. 

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