What She Left, Martina Monroe #1

She’s on her last chance. When the bodies start piling up, she’ll need to save more than her job.
Martina Monroe is a single bad day away from losing it all. Stuck catching insurance fraudsters and cheating spouses due to a DUI, the despondent PI yearns to return to more fulfilling gigs. So when a prospective client asks for her by name to identify an unknown infant in a family photo, she leaps at the opportunity and travels to the one place she swore never to go: back home.

As the pressure mounts and the temptation of booze calls like a siren, Martina digs into the mystery and discovers many of the threads have razor-sharp ends. And forced to partner with a resentful detective investigating a linked suspicious death, the haunted private eye unravels clues that delve deep into her past… and put her in a dark and dangerous corner.

Can this gritty detective unlock the truth before she’s drowned in a sea of secrets?

Release date: July 28, 2021

Available in eBook, paperback & audiobook.

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If She Ran, Martina Monroe #2

Three months. Three missing women. One PI determined to discover the truth.

Back from break, PI Martina Monroe clears the air with her boss at Drakos Security & Investigations and is ready to jump right into solving cold cases for the CoCo County Sheriff’s Department.

Diving into the cold case files Martina stumbles upon a pattern of missing young women, all of whom were deemed runaways, and the files froze with minimal detective work from the original investigators. The more Martina digs into the women’s last days the more shocking discoveries she makes.

Soon, Martina and Detective Hirsch not only uncover additional missing women but when their star witness turns up dead, they must rush to the next before it’s too late.

Release date: September 12, 2021

Available in eBook, audiobook & paperback.

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All She Wanted, Martina Monroe #3

A tragic death. A massive cover-up. PI Martina Monroe must face her past in order to reveal the truth.

PI Martina Monroe has found her groove working cold cases alongside Detective Hirsch at the CoCo County Sheriff’s Department. With a growing team of cold case detectives, Martina and Hirsch are on the heels of bringing justice for Julie DeSoto - a woman Martina failed to protect one year earlier. But when Martina receives a haunting request from her past, it nearly tears her in two.

As Julie's case turns hot, so does the investigation into a young soldier's untimely death. As both cases rattle Martina to the core, she now questions everything she believed about her time working for Drakos Security & Investigations and with the United States Army. Martina must uncover the truth for her sanity and her own life.

Pushed to the brink, Martina risks everything to expose the real criminals and bring justice for the victim’s family and her own.

Release date: December 10, 2021

Available in eBook, audiobook & paperback.

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Why She Lied, Martina Monroe #4

A missing mother and child. A secret past revealed. Will Martina and Hirsch discover the truth before they meet their end?

In the thick of the current cold case investigation, PI Martina Monroe receives a hand-written letter from a desperate mother pleading for Martina and Hirsch to reopen the cold case of the woman’s missing daughter and five-year-old grandson. Feeling a deep connection to the request, Martina knows that Hirsch and she have found their next case.

As the two investigators dig into the life of Ana and her son, Ryder, they quickly find Ana has the life many would be envious of. With a loving group of family and friends, a devoted husband, and a successful career, Ana’s perfect life seems a bit too perfect for Martina and Hirsch.

Searching even further into Ana’s past, they find a startling secret that leads Martina and Hirsch into the dark world of organized crime. Hot on the trail, the two investigators head to New York City, hoping to find the answer to what happened to Ana and Ryder. However, soon after they touch down, they find they aren’t the only ones on the hunt.

Will Martina and Hirsch discover the truth before they become victims themselves?

Release date: March 27, 2022

Available in eBook, audiobook & paperback.

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Secrets She Kept, Martina Monroe #5

A ritualistic murder. Multiple suspects. Can the cold case detectives find the truth before the killers strike again?

Ten years earlier, two teenage girls were found murdered by what appeared to be a satanic sacrifice. The case had dominated the news headlines for months before the original investigators failed to arrest the perpetrators of the crime - despite multiple suspects. Without solid evidence to prosecute, and even with the near-heroic efforts of the original detectives, the homicide investigation turned cold. For years, the families of the two victims fought to keep the young women’s memory alive and to get the attention of law enforcement to not give up on finding those responsible.

In an election year, and with a stellar record for the CoCo County Sheriff’s Department Cold Case Squad, the Sheriff hands cold case investigators Martina Monroe and Detective Hirsch the most notorious decade-old murder case - named by the press, ‘The Twin Satan Murders.’ Unlike most of their previous cold cases, The Twin Satan Murders were thoroughly investigated by previous detectives. Undeterred by the lack of evidence and answers from the original investigation, Martina and Hirsch investigate the murders as if it were day one.

Knocking on doors, Martina and Hirsch are surprised by the lack of cooperation from the original witnesses. With pushback from the community, the two investigators are forced to dive into the world of the occult. What the two detectives find is more disturbing than any case they’ve worked on before. Soon, Martina and Detective Hirsch find that some powerful people will go to all lengths to keep the truth buried. Will Martina and Detective Hirsch find the actual killers before they become victims themselves?

Release date: June 25, 2022

Available in eBook, audiobook & paperback.

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What She Found, Martina Monroe #6

A missing woman. A chilling connection to a baby trafficking ring. Will the Cold Case Investigators stop the killers before another woman is taken?

Martina and Detective Hirsch, still reeling from their last high-profile case, agree to reopen the missing person case of Sadie Jarreau, a friend of one member of the Cold Case Squad. At first glance, Sadie’s disappearance from the local marina looks like the typical unhappy marriage resulting in a deadly end.
But between the marina’s surveillance cameras malfunctioning that day, her husband’s air-tight alibi, and no one with a motive to harm Sadie, Martina and Hirsch are forced to consider a less common scenario - a stranger abduction.

As they pursue the possibility that a stranger took Sadie, Martina and Hirsch stumble onto a string of sinister crimes that occurred shortly before, and after, Sadie went missing. Digging deep into the case files of murdered pregnant women found on the Northern California Coast, with their unborn children missing, the team makes a terrible realization.

Whoever had been kidnapping young, pregnant women and removing their children before dumping their bodies in the bay - had not stopped. Now it is up to Hirsch and Martina to dive into the world of baby trafficking to find those responsible and bring them to justice. Will they stop the killers before another woman is taken?

Release date: August 27, 2022

Available in eBook, audiobook & paperback.

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How She Fell, Martina Monroe #7

Missing twin sisters. A chilling revelation. Will this be the case that breaks the Cold Case Squad?

Twenty years earlier, a set of female eighteen-year-old twins went missing in the Bay Area. There were no news reports or national coverage. The original investigators had barely touched the case, and like so many other cases of missing teens, were quickly labeled runaways, and the file sat on the shelf. Baffled by the lack of attention for the sisters, Martina insists it will be Hirsch and the Cold Case Squad’s next case. 

Undeterred by the lack of prior research, the team dives into the case, employing methods of investigation and forensic technology not available twenty years earlier. This could be the case where time is actually on their side. When the team catches their first big break, the discovery of one sister’s remains and a lead on the second, they shift the case from missing persons to homicide.

With the change in course, Martina and Hirsch dig deeper into the women’s lives before they disappeared. With a no-stone-unturned approach and DNA results back from the lab, they soon find a shocking connection to one of their own. Concerned the information could jeopardize getting justice for the victims’ family, Martina and Hirsch now must work in the shadows in order to find answers to what happened all those years ago.

Will Martina and Hirsch be able to expose the truth without endangering themselves, their jobs, and the future of the Cold Case Squad?

Don’t miss the 7th installment of the suspenseful Martina Monroe crime thriller series. Order your copy today!

Release date: December 30, 2022

Available in eBook, audiobook & paperback.

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Her Last Words, Martina Monroe #8

A string of puzzling murders. A skilled and dangerous killer. Will the Cold Case Squad discover the truth in time to save one of their own?

PI Martina and Detective Hirsch accept the new sheriff’s request to reopen a ten-year-old serial killer case. Not that they could refuse. One victim was the sheriff’s brother, a married father of two. 

The case is strange. Someone has murdered three successful men within a six-month time period. There were no suspects and no motive. The only connection is their cause of death. The links are thin and the motive is unknown, but Martina and Hirsch know better than to ignore the similarities.

Frustrated without a logical theory for the murders, Martina and Hirsch throw out preconceived notions and start from scratch. Determined to learn the truth, they pound the pavement and re-interview family, friends, and coworkers until Martina receives a tip.

Not a tip. 

A warning. 

Undeterred by the threat against her and the squad, Martina calls for an all-hands on deck to solve the case. Will the squad discover the truth before one of their own pays the ultimate price? 

Release date: April 28, 2023

Available in eBook & paperback.

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Who She Was, Martina Monroe #9

A missing woman. A man with a secret past. Can Martina uncover the truth in time to save Katie and herself from becoming the next casualty?

Five years on from the adrenaline-fueled days of the Cold Case Squad, PI Martina Monroe is now a managing partner at the renowned, Drakos Monroe Security & Investigations. She spends her days running the firm - a safe desk job allowing her to spend more time with her sixteen-year-old daughter and less time in the line of fire.

But her quiet life shatters when a meeting with the desperate parents of Katie Kimble, a young woman missing for two years, pulls her back into the fray. Martina’s intuition warns her of danger for both Katie and Vincent, who’s been handed the case.

Katie’s trail leads to a secluded coastal commune and her boyfriend, Atlas - a man living under an alias, his true identity buried under layers of deceit. He insists he hasn’t seen Katie for two years, but Martina and Vincent are far from convinced.

As they dig deeper, they’re sucked into a world of secrets and danger. The boundaries blur, and the lines of innocence and guilt twist as they uncover Atlas’s real identity and unravel the true fate of Katie Kimble.

Will Martina and Vincent, with the help of an old friend, solve the mystery before they’re caught in the crossfire of a deadly plot?

Release date: July 14, 2023.

Available in eBook & paperback.

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How She Escaped, Martina Monroe #10

A haunted past. A thirty-year-old mystery. Can Martina uncover the truth in time to find a missing woman and keep herself from falling victim to the city’s darkest elements?

With haunted eyes, a survivor steps into the offices of Drakos Monroe Security & Investigations, asking for Martina’s help. Thirty-five years earlier, Nancy made a harrowing escape from the clutches of a ruthless sex-trafficking syndicate in San Francisco, forced to leave her best friend Victoria behind. Clean and with a family of her own, Nancy hires Martina to find Victoria in a search for closure, justice, and the friend she lost so many years ago.

Soon, Martina finds that Victoria’s fate is entwined in a decades-old mystery, and every new clue draws back the veil on corruption and depravity that spans over three decades.

With time as her adversary, Martina must unravel the mystery of Victoria’s fate, investigating a criminal network hell-bent on preserving its dark secrets. The stakes reach fever pitch as she uncovers the chilling truth and a shocking revelation.

Ignoring the dangers of hunting ruthless criminals, Martina and her team will stop at nothing to uncover the truth.

Release date: October 27, 2023

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Lies She Told, Martina Monroe #11

A murky world of lies and truth collides in a quest for justice.

Detective Leslie, once a key figure in the Cold Case Squad, is convinced she’s closed the case on Darren, Martina’s brother, for a cold-blooded murder. But Martina, shaken by her brother’s guilty plea and an anonymous tip claiming his innocence, starts questioning the conviction.

As Martina delves into the details, she encounters a series of unsettling discrepancies. The investigation’s weak foundation, coupled with the lack of physical evidence and a dubious motive, ignites Martina’s suspicions. Despite Hirsch’s dismissive attitude and direct orders to steer clear of his detectives, Martina’s resolve only grows stronger.

At odds with Hirsch and the mounting pressure from her mother to prove Darren’s innocence, Martina realizes she needs help. She turns to one person she trusts to navigate such a complex web–Vincent.

Soon Martina and Vincent find themselves in a tangled maze of danger and deception. The deeper they dig, the more elusive the truth becomes. With increasing threats looming over Martina and her family, she’s in a race against time to unmask a dangerous killer and bring the truth to light before her family pays the ultimate price

Release date: February 24, 2024.

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Echoes of Her, Martina Monroe #12

A maze of family secrets and shocking revelations.

By the time Kay was six, she had lost both her mother and sister. With only fuzzy memories of them, she had pleaded with her father since she was a little girl to tell her stories about them and to visit their graves. He claimed it was too painful to discuss, and refused - up until the day he died. 

When her father unexpectedly passes, leaving her without any family, she prepares to bury him and handle his estate. But as she sifts through his belongings, in the once forbidden attic, all she finds are dusty boxes filled with old textbooks and family photos featuring her late mother and sister, but strangely none of herself.  

Determined to find her mother and sister's graves to lay her father to rest, she hires Drakos Monroe Security & Investigations to find them.

As Martina listens to Kay’s dilemma she’s worried about the odd behavior and secrecy of Kay’s father before his death. As Vincent and she dig in, they uncover a series of alarming discrepancies, realizing that the truth is far more complex and disturbing than they ever imagined.

Release date: June 15, 2024

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Crashing Down, The Prequel to the Martina Monroe Series

A PI in a vicious tailspin. An innocent in danger. A case that could claim them both.

Private Investigator Martina Monroe has no room for grief. Nearly a year after she failed to prevent her husband’s death, a battered woman depends on her for safety. But when she arrives too late and finds the female dead, the tormented detective’s only solace is a deeper relationship with the bottle.
Struggling with sobriety and doing her job, Martina still has to protect another client battling a stalker. And if she doesn’t get her act together soon, one more victim may pay the price for her mistakes.
Can Martina conquer her personal demons in time to save lives… including her own?
Crashing Down is the nail-biting prequel to the Martina Monroe thriller series. If you like devious cat-and-mouse games, dark and brooding mysteries, and broken heroines picking up the pieces, you’ll love H.K. Christie’s Martina Monroe series.

Release date: August 3, 2020

Available in eBook, paperback, & audiobook.

eBook, paperback & audiobook can be purchased here.

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