What She Left, Martina Monroe #1

She’s on her last chance. When the bodies start piling up, she’ll need to save more than her job.
Martina Monroe is a single bad day away from losing it all. Stuck catching insurance fraudsters and cheating spouses due to a DUI, the despondent PI yearns to return to more fulfilling gigs. So when a prospective client asks for her by name to identify an unknown infant in a family photo, she leaps at the opportunity and travels to the one place she swore never to go: back home.

As the pressure mounts and the temptation of booze calls like a siren, Martina digs into the mystery and discovers many of the threads have razor-sharp ends. And forced to partner with a resentful detective investigating a linked suspicious death, the haunted private eye unravels clues that delve deep into her past… and put her in a dark and dangerous corner.

Can this gritty detective unlock the truth before she’s drowned in a sea of secrets?

Release date: July 28, 2021

Available in eBook, paperback & audiobook.

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If She Ran, Martina Monroe #2

Three months. Three missing women. One PI determined to discover the truth.

Back from break, PI Martina Monroe clears the air with her boss at Drakos Security & Investigations and is ready to jump right into solving cold cases for the CoCo County Sheriff’s Department.

Diving into the cold case files Martina stumbles upon a pattern of missing young women, all of whom were deemed runaways, and the files froze with minimal detective work from the original investigators. The more Martina digs into the women’s last days the more shocking discoveries she makes.

Soon, Martina and Detective Hirsch not only uncover additional missing women but when their star witness turns up dead, they must rush to the next before it’s too late.

A gripping, unputdownable thriller full of mystery and suspense.

Release date: September 12, 2021

Available in eBook & paperback.

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All She Wanted, Martina Monroe #3

A tragic death. A massive cover-up. PI Martina Monroe must face her past in order to reveal the truth.

PI Martina Monroe has found her groove working cold cases alongside Detective Hirsch at the CoCo County Sheriff’s Department. With a growing team of cold case detectives, Martina and Hirsch are on the heels of bringing justice for Julie DeSoto - a woman Martina failed to protect one year earlier. But when Martina receives a haunting request from her past, it nearly tears her in two.

As Julie's case turns hot, so does the investigation into a young soldier's untimely death. As both cases rattle Martina to the core, she now questions everything she believed about her time working for Drakos Security & Investigations and with the United States Army. Martina must uncover the truth for her sanity and her own life.

Pushed to the brink, Martina risks everything to expose the real criminals and bring justice for the victim’s family and her own.

A gripping, page-turning thriller, full of suspense.

Release date: December 10, 2021

Available in eBook & paperback.

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Why She Lied, Martina Monroe #4

A missing mother and child. A secret past revealed. Will Martina and Hirsch discover the truth before they meet their end?

In the thick of the current cold case investigation, PI Martina Monroe receives a hand-written letter from a desperate mother pleading for Martina and Hirsch to reopen the cold case of the woman’s missing daughter and five-year-old grandson. Feeling a deep connection to the request, Martina knows that Hirsch and she have found their next case.

As the two investigators dig into the life of Ana and her son, Ryder, they quickly find Ana has the life many would be envious of. With a loving group of family and friends, a devoted husband, and a successful career, Ana’s perfect life seems a bit too perfect for Martina and Hirsch.

Searching even further into Ana’s past, they find a startling secret that leads Martina and Hirsch into the dark world of organized crime. Hot on the trail, the two investigators head to New York City, hoping to find the answer to what happened to Ana and Ryder. However, soon after they touch down, they find they aren’t the only ones on the hunt.

Will Martina and Hirsch discover the truth before they become victims themselves?

Why She Lied is the fourth installment in the Martina Monroe thriller series.

Release date: March 30, 2022

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Crashing Down, The Prequel to the Martina Monroe Series

A PI in a vicious tailspin. An innocent in danger. A case that could claim them both.

Private Investigator Martina Monroe has no room for grief. Nearly a year after she failed to prevent her husband’s death, a battered woman depends on her for safety. But when she arrives too late and finds the female dead, the tormented detective’s only solace is a deeper relationship with the bottle.
Struggling with sobriety and doing her job, Martina still has to protect another client battling a stalker. And if she doesn’t get her act together soon, one more victim may pay the price for her mistakes.
Can Martina conquer her personal demons in time to save lives… including her own?
Crashing Down is the nail-biting prequel to the Martina Monroe thriller series. If you like devious cat-and-mouse games, dark and brooding mysteries, and broken heroines picking up the pieces, you’ll love H.K. Christie’s Martina Monroe series.

Release date: August 3, 2020

Available in eBook, paperback, & audiobook.

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Not Like Her, Selena Bailey #1

A battered mother. A possessive boyfriend. Can she save herself from a similar fate?
Selena longs to flee her uneasy home life. Prepping every spare minute for a college escape, the headstrong, high school senior vows never to be like her alcoholic mom with her string of abusive boyfriends. So when Selena finds her beaten nearly to death, she knows safety is slipping away...
With her mother's violent lover evading justice, Selena's cute new beau's offer to move in seems Heaven-sent. But jealous rage and a renewed search for her long-lost father threaten to pull her back into harm's way.
Can Selena break free of an ugly past, or will brutal men crush her hopes of a better future?

Release date: November 15, 2019

Available in eBook & paperback.

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One In Five, Selena Bailey #2

A predator running free and the girl determined to stop him.

After escaping a violent past, Selena Bailey starts her first semester of college determined to put it all behind her - until her roommate is attacked at the Delta Kappa Alpha house. After reporting the attack, police refuse to prosecute due to lack of evidence, claiming another case of 'he said, she said.'
As Selena and Dee begin meeting other victims, it's clear Dee's assault wasn't an isolated event. Selena determined to take down the DKA house, takes matters into her own hands in order to claim justice for Dee and prevent the next attack.
Will Selena get justice for the women of SFU or will she become the next victim?

Release date: December 26, 2019

Available in eBook & paperback.

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One In Five, Selena Bailey #3

A little girl is taken. A mysterious cover-up. One young investigator determined to find the truth.

Selena Bailey, a sophomore at the local university studying criminal justice, returns from winter break to jump into her first official case as a private investigator with her stepmother's security firm.
Thrown into an undercover detail, Selena soon discovers a much darker plot. What seemed like a tragic kidnapping is revealed to be just the tip of the iceberg. Will Selena expose the truth before not only the little girl's life, but her own is lost forever?

Release date: January 19, 2020

Available in eBook & paperback.

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Go With Grace, Selena Bailey #4

A dangerous stalker. A desperate classmate. Will one young investigator risk everything to help a stranger in need?

Selena Bailey returns in her senior year of college determined to keep her head down and out of other people's lives with the sole intent of keeping them safe and out of harm's way.
Selena is focused more than ever, with three major goals: graduate with her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, obtain her Private Investigator’s license and find her late boyfriend, Brendon’s, killers.
Her plans are derailed when a desperate classmate approaches Selena for her help. At first, she refuses but Dillon is certain his life is in danger and provides Selena with proof. With no one else to turn to, Selena reluctantly takes the case. 

The investigation escalates quickly as Selena soon discovers the woman stalking Dillon is watching his, and now Selena’s, every move.

Will Selena be able to save Dillon’s life and her own?

Release date: March 22, 2021

Available in eBook & paperback.

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Flawless, Selena Bailey #5

A young woman clinging on to life. A desperate family fighting for answers. Will Selena be able to discover the truth in time to save her?
Selena Bailey returns with her Private Investigator license in one hand and the first official case for Bailey Investigations in the other.

When the sister of a young woman, fighting for her life in the Intensive Care Unit, pleads with Selena to explore her sister, Stephanie’s, last days before she slipped into a coma, Selena must go undercover in the billion-dollar weight loss industry to discover the truth.

The deeper Selena delves into Stephanie’s world, the more she fears for Stephanie’s life and so many others.

As Selena unravels the truth behind an experimental weight loss regimen, she finds it’s not only weight the good doctor’s patients are losing. Selena now must rush against the clock to save not only Stephanie’s life, but her own.

Release date: January 24, 2022

Available in eBook & paperback.

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A Permanent Mark

A contract killer. A wife in mourning. Will she find out who wanted her husband dead before she meets the same fate?

Kendall Murphy's life comes crashing to a halt at the news her husband has been killed in a tragic hit-and-run. Devastated and out-of-sorts, she can't seem to come to terms with the senselessness of it all. Despite, promises by a young detective, she fears they'll never find the person responsible for her husband's death.
As months go by without answers, Kendall, with the help of her grandmother and sister, deals with her grief as she tries to create a new life for herself. But when the detective discovers that the death was a murder-for-hire, suddenly everyone from her new love interest and those closest to her are under suspicion. And it may only be a matter of time before the assassin strikes again...
Can Kendall trust anyone, or will misplaced loyalty make her the next victim?
If you like riveting suspense and gripping mysteries then you'll love H.K. Christie's A Permanent Mark featuring a grown-up Selena Bailey.

Release date: February 13, 2020

Available in eBook & paperback.

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