H.K. Christie

H. K. Christie watched horror films far too early in life. Inspired by the likes of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, true crime podcasts, and a vivid imagination she now writes suspenseful thrillers featuring unbreakable women.

She found her passion for writing when she embarked on a one-woman habit breaking experiment. Although she didn’t break her habit she did discover a love of writing and has been at it ever since.

When not working on her latest novel, H.K. Christie can be found eating & drinking with friends, walking around the lakes, or playing with her favorite furry pal. 
She is a native and current resident of the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Charles T. Snickerdoodle

Charlie joined our family in 2021 at the spunky age of three years old. He's a yorkie - shih tzu mix full of love and energy. He loves to snuggle, play with his toys, solve food puzzles, and go on walks.