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Lies She Told, Martina Monroe Book 11, Signed Paperback

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In Lies She Told, the thrilling 11th installment of the Martina Monroe crime thriller series, a murky world of lies and truth collides in a quest for justice.

Detective Leslie, once a key figure in the Cold Case Squad, is convinced she’s closed the case on Darren, Martina’s brother, for a cold-blooded murder. But Martina, shaken by her brother’s guilty plea and an anonymous tip claiming his innocence, starts questioning the conviction.

As Martina delves into the details, she encounters a series of unsettling discrepancies. The investigation’s weak foundation, coupled with the lack of physical evidence and a dubious motive, ignites Martina’s suspicions. Despite Hirsch’s dismissive attitude and direct orders to steer clear of his detectives, Martina’s resolve only grows stronger.

At odds with Hirsch and the mounting pressure from her mother to prove Darren’s innocence, Martina realizes she needs help. She turns to one person she trusts to navigate such a complex web–Vincent.

Soon Martina and Vincent find themselves in a tangled maze of danger and deception. The deeper they dig, the more elusive the truth becomes. With increasing threats looming over Martina and her family, she’s in a race against time to unmask a dangerous killer and bring the truth to light before her family pays the ultimate price.

Release date: February 24, 2024