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Secrets She Kept - Martina Monroe Book 5 - Audiobook

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A ritualistic murder. Multiple suspects. Can the cold case detectives find the truth before the killers strike again?

Ten years earlier, two teenage girls were found murdered by what appeared to be a satanic sacrifice. The case had dominated the news headlines for months before the original investigators failed to arrest the perpetrators of the crime - despite multiple suspects. Without solid evidence to prosecute, and even with the near-heroic efforts of the original detectives, the homicide investigation turned cold. For years, the families of the two victims fought to keep the young women’s memory alive and to get the attention of law enforcement to not give up on finding those responsible.

In an election year, and with a stellar record for the CoCo County Sheriff’s Department Cold Case Squad, the Sheriff hands cold case investigators Martina Monroe and Detective Hirsch the most notorious decade-old murder case - named by the press, ‘The Twin Satan Murders.’ Unlike most of their previous cold cases, The Twin Satan Murders were thoroughly investigated by previous detectives. Undeterred by the lack of evidence and answers from the original investigation, Martina and Hirsch investigate the murders as if it were day one.

Knocking on doors, Martina and Hirsch are surprised by the lack of cooperation from the original witnesses. With pushback from the community, the two investigators are forced to dive into the world of the occult. What the two detectives find is more disturbing than any case they’ve worked on before. Soon, Martina and Detective Hirsch find that some powerful people will go to all lengths to keep the truth buried.

Will Martina and Detective Hirsch find the actual killers before they become victims themselves?

Secrets She Kept by: H.K. Christie

Narrated by: Robin McAlpine

Series: Martina Monroe Book 5

Length: 7 hrs and 0 mins

Release date: September 15, 2023

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Language: English