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The Martina Monroe Series Collection, Books 0 - 12, Signed Paperback Bundle

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The Martina Monroe crime thriller series is full of nail-biting suspense series starring Private Investigator Martina Monroe and her unofficial partner Detective August Hirsch of the Cold Case Squad. If you like high-stakes games, jaw-dropping twists, and embattled seekers struggling to do right, then you’ll love this suspenseful thriller series.


The Signed Paperback Bundle includes: 
  • Crashing Down, Book 0, the prequel
  • What She Left, Book 1
  • If She Ran, Book 2
  • All She Wanted, Book 3
  • Why She Lied, Book 4
  • Secrets She Kept, Book 5
  • What She Found, Book 6
  • How She Fell, Book 7
  • Her Last Words, Book 8
  • Who She Was, Book 9
  • How She Escaped, Book 10
  • Lies She Told, Book 11
  • Echoes of Her, Book 12 (Book 12 is not pictured, and will be shipped separately after release on June 15, 2024)