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We Can't Be Broken, WF Book 1, Paperback

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"I couldn't put it down. Such a heartfelt story... Heartwarming, touching, honest, raw & emotional." - Amazon Reviewer

After a devastating diagnosis, one family embarks on a journey to find their new normal...

Always the youngest and tired of being called the baby, nine-year-old Casey is thrilled when her little sister, Anna, arrives in the winter of 1986. Once Anna is born everything changes for the better: a new sister, a new house, and a perfect life. It's as if nothing can go wrong--until Anna gets cancer.

In the wake of seemingly never-ending hospital stays and chemo treatments, Casey and her older siblings are suddenly forced to fend for themselves while constantly adapting to a new normal, which is anything but. Now growing up in the shadow of their sister's cancer, Casey and her siblings try to survive as well as figure out their own place in the world.

With the family they once had no longer in existence, Casey finds herself wondering what's next. Will they ever again find peace, happiness, or each other?

We Can't Be Broken is a novel inspired by true events.

A compelling women's fiction story about growing up with a sibling who has cancer. Told through the eyes of the three children, We Can't Be Broken is a relentless and insightful look into the family struggles this revelation entails and is filled with characters who continually show perseverance and courage through even the toughest of trials. 

Release date: January 28, 2017

This product is a 5.25 x 8 paperback.

250 pages.