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What She Found - Martina Monroe Book 6 - Audiobook

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A missing woman. A chilling connection to a baby trafficking ring. Will the Cold Case Investigators stop the killers before another woman is taken?

Martina and Detective Hirsch, still reeling from their last high-profile case, agree to reopen the missing person case of Sadie Jarreau, a friend of one member of the Cold Case Squad. At first glance, Sadie’s disappearance from the local marina looks like the typical unhappy marriage resulting in a deadly end.
But between the marina’s surveillance cameras malfunctioning that day, her husband’s air-tight alibi, and no one with a motive to harm Sadie, Martina and Hirsch are forced to consider a less common scenario - a stranger abduction.

As they pursue the possibility that a stranger took Sadie, Martina and Hirsch stumble onto a string of sinister crimes that occurred shortly before, and after, Sadie went missing. Digging deep into the case files of murdered pregnant women found on the Northern California Coast, with their unborn children missing, the team makes a terrible realization.

Whoever had been kidnapping young, pregnant women and removing their children before dumping their bodies in the bay - had not stopped. Now it is up to Hirsch and Martina to dive into the world of baby trafficking to find those responsible and bring them to justice.

Will they stop the killers before another woman is taken?

What She Found by: H.K. Christie

Narrated by: Robin McAlpine

Series: Martina Monroe Book 6

Length: 6 hrs and 36 mins

Release date: February 14, 2024

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Language: English