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Where I'm Supposed To Be, WF Book 2, eBook

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When a woman’s empty marriage ends, it will take a journey around the world to teach her the true meaning of love.

Like many women, Casey imagined her happiness would come from marrying the love of her life. But only a short time into her dream relationship, she already feels alone and unloved. Bringing home a Shih Tzu puppy temporarily rekindles the fun, but before long her marriage is on the rocks.

Casey tries to stay positive amid the painful decision to separate to “work things out.” But spending more time with family and friends, traveling overseas (romantic Paris!), and even flirting with online dating doesn’t heal her aching heart. As time marches on, she’ll have to confront the inevitable question of what she really wants from life…

Is Casey’s dream of fulfillment over, or can she find true satisfaction with family, friends, and the people she loves?

Where I'm Supposed To Be is the follow-up to We Can't Be Broken, following Casey seven years after the end of We Can't Be BrokenIf you like journeys of self-discovery, wounded heroines, and laugh-or-cry moments, then you'll love this women's fiction series.

Release date: August 20, 2018

This product is an eBook.

324 pages.