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Who She Was, Martina Monroe Book 9, Signed Paperback

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A missing woman. A man with a secret past. Can Martina uncover the truth in time to save Katie and herself from becoming the next casualty?

Five years on from the adrenaline-fueled days of the Cold Case Squad, PI Martina Monroe is now a managing partner at the renowned, Drakos Monroe Security & Investigations. She spends her days running the firm - a safe desk job allowing her to spend more time with her sixteen-year-old daughter and less time in the line of fire.

But her quiet life shatters when a meeting with the desperate parents of Katie Kimble, a young woman missing for two years, pulls her back into the fray. Martina’s intuition warns her of danger for both Katie and Vincent, who’s been handed the case.

Katie’s trail leads to a secluded coastal commune and her boyfriend, Atlas - a man living under an alias, his true identity buried under layers of deceit. He insists he hasn’t seen Katie for two years, but Martina and Vincent are far from convinced.

As they dig deeper, they’re sucked into a world of secrets and danger. The boundaries blur, and the lines of innocence and guilt twist as they uncover Atlas’s real identity and unravel the true fate of Katie Kimble.

Will Martina and Vincent, with the help of an old friend, solve the mystery before they’re caught in the crossfire of a deadly plot?

Release date: June 30, 2023